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Our Great Danes

Another Amazing Breed We Raise

Although we have converted over to mainly various Doodle's with our focus being on raising those that are not only perfect for family pets, but also those that have the potential to be service & therapy dogs, we have been raising Great Danes for over 20 years. In the past, we not only raised these gorgeous giants, but we have also shown & trained them. With many years experience of raising, owning, training & showing Danes behind us, they were simply a breed we were not willing to part with. We do not have litters often like we do with the various Doodle's we raise, due to the decline in popularity over the years & many just not being open to having a giant dog, but nonetheless we continue to raise them because they are amazing dogs & one of our favorite breeds. All of our Dane breed-stock comes from service lines, making their puppies ideal candidates for service and/or emotional support dogs. Plus there are still many people that want a quality Great Dane! Because of their size, we are a bit particular on the homes they go to. This is simply to ensure they go to forever homes and have a wonderful life. We want any potential owners to be educated on the breed & prepared for the size they will grow up to be.

While we do run genetic health dna testing on our Danes & do have eyes, hips & elbows evaluated and require all to be cleared before using them to breed. We do not certify with OFA and have no intentions of doing so. We have bred the same lines for many years and have had no hip, eye or elbow issues with any we have raised.

Our puppies do come with a 2+ yr genetic health guarantee.



Upcoming Litter's & the Parent's

We do not currently have any expected Litter's of Great Danes coming up, though we do suspect we will have some coming towards the end of Summer. 


Below you can meet the parents!



Female Great Dane

Maggie is Mantle Merlequin in color & 180lbs of total sweetness! She is 85% Euro lines! She has an amazing personality &  excellent temperament. Maggie is a certified Autism Support Dog and did amazing with her training! She is very easy going and can adapt easily in any situation. She is also very smart and learns quickly. Maggie loves to play in water & go on walks, but her favorite thing to do is cuddle up next to someone and watch tv! She actually watches tv!

She & Archie make gorgeous babies with an excellent color variation!



Female Great Dane

Abby is Harlequin in color & 190lbs of sweetness & beauty!  She 85% Euro lines! She is very docile & has an excellent personality. She is very adaptable to any situation and has an amazingly "go with the flow" attitude all the time. She is also a certified service dog for Mobility Support and did amazing during her training. She is very smart & learns and adapts to new things quickly & with great ease. Abby is not a big a fan of water, but loves the outdoors and exploring everything around her. Nothing goes unnoticed with her! Her favorite thing to do is chill on the couch and get belly rubs!

She & Archie make gorgeous babies with a wide variety of colors! They make some of the odder & more difficult to find, color variations.



Male Great Dane

Archie is Brindle in color & 190lbs of amazingness! He is 45% Euro lines. Even though he may look smaller in this pic, he is not. Its just the angle in was taken at. While not quite as easy going as the ladies, he an exceptional disposition & adapts well to most situations. Archie also has a certification in Mobility Support and may soon begin working on one for PTSD. He excelled through his training and even now, never misses anything. Archie is very intelligent and learns things very quickly. He loves playing in water, enjoys the outdoors and loves the company of anyone or anything. His favorite thing to do besides making babies, is going to the beach!


If you are curious about dogs & puppies we have produced over the years & more pics of the parents, check them out below! We have plenty more pics available as well!

We  have always had an amazing variety of colors & markings


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Puppy Agreement & Health Warranty

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