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Shipping Your New Puppy

Shipping is available to the lower 48 states

We offer both flight & ground courier shipping to get your new puppy to you safely & timely

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Shipping Your New Puppy: Services

Is it Safe & How Does it Work

Remember, picking up in person is also an option & shipping is absolutely not required! However if you are out of state, picking up may not be a viable option for you. We offer shipping for your convenience.

We offer a few methods of shipping to get your new puppy safely from us to you! Remember, your puppy will be used to traveling in a crate prior to him leaving, as this is a key part of the socialization process. This will also make traveling a breeze and not stressful for your pup.

Your puppy will travel in a temperature controlled environment & have access to water at all times, regardless of the shipping method. All shipments are fully insured & your puppy will be seen by the vet within 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time to ensure they are healthy enough to travel. 

We have 2 Flight Shipping options available, plus a ground shipping option.

Both Flight Shipping options are through a major airline & your pup will be flown in to the airport nearest to you that accepts live animals. Someone will have to pick the pup up at the airport.

Regular Flight Shipping - Your pup will checked in & dropped off at the airport for his flight. Your pup will fly cargo, secured in the travel crate we provide & will be picked up from the cargo facility of the airport. The cargo facility is usually separated from the main terminal, but on the same property. Picking up your pup is a breeze & you are usually in & out within 10 minutes! Prices for Regular Flight Shipping starts at $450 and goes up by standard rate depending on what size crate is required. They usually require one size larger than what you would normally use for crate training. Temperature restrictions apply to this method - we typically cannot fly cargo during the months of June through September because the temps here in FL exceed 85 degrees before 10am during these months. 85 degrees is the airlines max temp in which they will allow live animals to fly.

Flight Shipping with a Flight Nanny - Your puppy will fly regular class having a real person with him/her from the time they arrive to the airport for departure until they are handed directly to you after arrival. Our flight Nanny's we have used for years and they are someone your puppy will be already familiar with, making your pup's travel stress very minimal. Someone will need to be inside the main airport, where you would pick up a person, at the scheduled time of arrival, to receive your puppy. The process of pick up is very quick, unless you decide to hang out and talk to the Flight Nanny. Prices for a Flight Nanny is calculated by the Nanny Service and is based on cost of tickets, cost of puppy add on & the amount of time required. This service typically starts at around $550 & goes up, pending the info stated above. Weight/Size Restrictions apply to this method. The puppy must be less than 20lbs & fit in a soft sided crate per the airlines.

Ground shipping- is done by a privately contracted ground courier that specializes in the transport & care of live animals, that delivers right to your door (or meeting at a public location nearby to you, if you choose). There are some availability/location restrictions with this method. Ground Shipping is not available to all areas. Prices for Ground Shipping vary depending on your location. Prices for this service typically starts at $500 for OUT OF STATE SHIPPING & $300 for IN STATE SHIPPING.

All Shipping methods are methods we have used for many years and are 100% safe for your pup. We have never had an issue with any method we use, in over 15 years! All shipments are also fully insured to cover you, your pup & us.

Additional Flight Shipping Information

 We will provide you with the flight confirmation at the time of booking - this will include the flight info, times, & pick up location. Your pup will travel in a crate & have access to water throughout the entire trip. Absorbent bedding is included in the crate so if your pup has an accident, it will assist in keeping him dry. Your pup will be fed 2 hours prior to be checked in & dropped off at the airport or if flying with a Nanny your pup will remain on the normal feeding schedule. Your pup will also have a MINIMUM of 30 minutes to run, play and potty, prior to leaving for the airport. With Regular Flight Shipping your pup will be confined to the travel crate for the duration of the flight through the time of pickup unless there is a layover that requires boarding. If flying with a Nanny your pup will only be crated for the required crate time & if there is a layover, your pup will remain with the Nanny. If there is delay during transit that requires an overnight stay, your Nanny will stay at a puppy friendly hotel, with your puppy. The Nanny does not leave your pup's side until your pup is in your arms!

Additional Ground Shipping Information

This tends to be the most economical & social way of traveling for your pup, but is typically not the quickest. Depending on your location & the distance in between, your pup may travel for a few days before reaching you. During travel, your pup is let out, at minimum, every 3 hours to potty & run around for a few to expel some energy, but not on the ground. He is fed twice a day & his crate is cleaned as needed, each time he is let out. Occasionally our shippers will travel with family, especially during the summer, so there is often another person or couple of other people that tag along for the trip. When this happens, your pup will be out of the crate more than not & is treated like a little king or queen, making the trip very enjoyable & comfortable to them because of all the extra attention they are receiving. Don't worry though, safety precautions are made to ensure your pup does arrive to you safely! With ground shipping you will receive a confirmation with the shippers name & contact information included & you will be able to check in throughout the trip & even receive pictures upon request, of your pups journey to you!

For Purchases for puppies 8+ weeks old, ground shipping pick up is usually a minimum of 7-14 days from the time we schedule (what this means is from the time we schedule for your pup to travel, he may not be picked up from us for 7-14 days, sometimes it may be slightly longer or quicker). If you are purchasing a pup in advance (prior to them being 8wks old), we will have the arrangements made in advance so your pup will hopefully arrive shortly after turning 8wks old, meaning the 7-14 days mentioned above, may or may not apply to you, depending on far out the shipper is booked. We will discuss this you & keep you updated on the time frame in which your puppy will arrive to you! 

Email with questions
Shipping Your New Puppy: Warranty Disclaimer


Regular Flight Shipping

Prices start at $350

Flight Shipping with a Flight Nanny

Prices vary depending on the prices of tickets, price of puppy add on & the time required for travel. The average cost of flight nanny services is $600.

Ground Shipping

Prices vary by location. Get with us to see if ground shipping is available to your location & if so, we will get you all the details & a price.  

Shipping Your New Puppy: Quote
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