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The Purchasing Process

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

We make this process simple & straight forward

The Purchasing Process: Services

How It Works

Easy Purchasing 3 Step Process

If the puppy is 8wks of age or older, payment in full is expected. If the puppy is under 8wks, we will accept a deposit to hold the puppy of choice for $300, with the balance due at 6wks of age or within 72 hours of the scheduled departure

Step 1

Decide on a puppy & Fill Out an Application

Step 2

Upon Approval: Select the Buy Now
Contact Us

Step 3

Follow the prompts for the checkout process
Request an invoice

The Purchasing Process: List

Receiving Your Puppy

We ship to the lower 48 States or you may pick up your puppy in person!

In addition to picking up, we offer a few shipping options for those of you that may need shipping!

We currently offer Regular Flight Shipping, Flight Shipping with a Flight Nanny & Ground Shipping. You may select the shipping method you prefer during checkout or contact us first with your location and we will go over the process & available options for your location.

Picking Up In Person

You are more than welcome to pick up your pup in person! Your puppy will need to be picked up at the time he/she is 8wks old. We will provide you with the pick up date at the time of purchase!

Ground shipping

 is done by a privately contracted ground courier that specializes in the transport & care of live animals, that delivers right to your door. Ground Shipping is not available to all areas. Prices for Ground Shipping vary depending on your location.

Both Flight Shipping options are through a major airline & your pup will be flown in to the airport nearest to you that accepts live animals. Someone will have to pick the pup up at the airport.

Regular Flight Shipping 

Your pup will fly cargo, secured in the travel crate we provide & will be picked up from the cargo facility of the airport. The cargo facility is usually separated from the main terminal, but on the same property. Picking up your pup is a breeze & you are usually in & out within 10 minutes! Prices for Regular Flight Shipping is a Standard Flat Rate based on Crate series size. This service is not available when temperatures are over 85 or under 35 degrees.

Flight Shipping with a Flight Nanny

 Your puppy will fly regular class having a real person with him/her from the time they arrive to the airport for departure until they are handed directly to you after arrival. Our flight Nanny's we have used for years and they are someone your puppy will be already familiar with, making your pup's travel stress very minimal. Someone will need to be inside the main airport, where you would pick up a person, at the scheduled time of arrival, to receive your puppy. The process of pick up is very quick, unless you decide to hand out and talk to the Flight Nanny. Prices for a Flight Nanny is based on the price of the ticket(s) at the time your puppy will be flying in, the add on cost of your puppy & the amount of travel time that is required. The final amount is determined by the Nanny providing services. We will put you into direct contact with our nanny service to discuss if you choose this option.

All Shipping methods are methods we have used for many years and are 100% safe for your pup. We have never had an issue with any method we use, in over 15 years! All shipments are also fully insured to cover you, your pup & us.

Requirements for picking up in person & All Shipping Options - All options require a deposit (s).


The Purchasing Process: Store Policies
DIFF DOODLE 6_edited.jpg


All puppies will require arrangements to be made in advance to ensure your puppy has met all the state level requirements, as well as TSA requirements for those being flight shipped, when being sold & leaving us, going to their new home.


It is important that you let us know by the time your puppy is 6 weeks of age, if you will be later than the set pick up date you have been given. Puppies will need be to be picked up at 8 weeks old or boarding fee's will apply unless you have made prior arrangements with us.


If you need your puppy shipped, we need to know when you place your deposit or make payment. We will need the name, address, phone number of the person that will picking up at airport, and the name of two airports closest to you to make flight arrangements & get your pup's flight booked.

The nearest airport to you may not accept live animal shipments, which is why we need two. This will not apply if your pup will be flying with a Flight Nanny.

Remember, puppies can fly with a flight nanny or via cargo, but cargo flights are only an option when temperatures are within the restrictions of the airlines.

Regular Flight Shipping fee's

must be paid by the time the puppy is 6wks old or your puppy's arrival could be delayed & boarding fee's will be applied, unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.

Flight Nanny fee's

a deposit should be paid no later than by the time your puppy is 2 weeks old so flights can be booked in advance & a slot reserved for the flight nanny to ensure they are available for the date your puppy will arrive and everything is pre-scheduled. Its much cheaper this way. Our nanny's will accept last minute bookings, but know in advance the tickets are more pricey so it will be significantly more expensive.

Ground shipping fee's

must be paid by the time the puppy is 6wks old, but we need to know when you place your deposit if this is the method you would like.  Don't forget to check with us to see if your location is an area that is covered before deciding on this method. 


Failure to do the above could cause your puppy's arrival to be delayed & boarding fee's applied, unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.

We have to set up an appointment with the Vet within a certain time frame so your pup can have their physical completed & health certificate issued within the time frame requirements required by the state & TSA if he/she is flying or your pup cannot leave.


The Purchasing Process: Warranty Disclaimer
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