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Upcoming Litter - Labradoodle Puppies

Introducing the Proud Parents to Be!

Expecting June 18, 2020

This pair produces Parti & Tri-Colored pups, along with a variety of beautiful colors! All of these pups will have the more Poodle like, curly coat.

Below each image you will "meet that dog" with an introduction to whom they are, as well as a description of the their personality, disposition & coat care to give you a better idea on how their puppies will be & the level of maintenance required to care for their coats.

Standard Poodle - Mother

Dam / Mother

Meet Bella! She is a 2.5 yr old AKC Standard Poodle that weighs 55lbs. This will be her 2nd litter of puppies. Bella is very playful, but very chilled & minimally active. She absolutely adores kids & is very gentle with them. She does great with other animals & enjoys the company of other dogs, as well as cats. She loves water & enjoys walks. She is very protective of her family & home, but is also moderately friendly in social settings. Her coat is extremely curly, is non shedding & requires trimming every 4-6wks or will require moderate daily brushing.

F1 Labradoodle - Father

Sire / Father

Meet Smokey! He is a 3 yr old F1 Labradoodle that weighs 85lbs. This will be litter # 3 for him & he always makes gorgeous puppies! Smokey is semi playful, but very calm & super lovable. He loves playing with his toys & going outside. He is very social & does great with everyone & everything. He loves cats & other animals. He is semi protective of his family & home & family, but is very friendly in social settings. His coat is the wavy & is minimal to no shed & requires trimming every 3-4 times per year or will require moderate brushing 3-4 times per week.

F1b Labradoodle - Adult

Past Litter, now Adult

Meet Oakley! He is a 14mo old F1b Labradoodle that come from Bella & Smokey, weighing in at 73lbs. Oakley is said to be very playful & lots of fun, loving water, toys, all animals & people. Though he is fairly active, we are told that he does not require alot of stimulation & exercise. He runs & plays in the yard with the kids & around the  house, daily & that suffices very well. He is said to be very friendly both at home & in social settings. We are told that he very protective of his family & home and is not trustworthy with strangers at home but loves everyone is a social setting. His coat is minimal to no shed & requires trimming every 4-8wks or will require moderate brushing 3-4 times weekly. He is considered hypoallergenic & is said to shed none!


Upcoming Litter - F1b Pooahoula Puppies (Aka Catadoodles)

Introducing the Proud Parents to Be!
Expecting June 22, 2020
This pair produces Merle, Chocolate, Apricot & Silver puppies. These puppies will have both the poodle like curly coats, as well as the wavy crinkled curl coat.

F1 Pooahoula

Dam / Mother

Meet Hershey! She is a 3 year old F1 Pooahoula that weighs 55lbs. This will be her 3rd litter puppies. Hershey loves water and people, especially kids. She is moderately active & loves to play. Hershey is very protective of her family, especially the kids. She tolerates strangers at home, but not well. She does however, do excellent with strangers in a social setting away from her home. She is extremely gentle with kids, even those she does not know & she does excellent with other dogs, as well as cats. Hershey's coat is non-shedding & requires professional grooming every 6-8wks or will require daily brushing.

Standard Poodle

Sire / Father

Meet Curly! He is a 2 year old AKC Registered Standard Poodle that weighs 63lbs. This will be his 3rd litter of puppies. Curly loves water, going to the beach & loves to run & play. He is moderately active & loves long walks & hiking. Curly is very protective of his family, kids & adults alike. He does not do well with strangers at his home, but does excellent with  He is excellent with children and is very gentle with everyone he knows. He does wonderful with all animals, big & small. Ben does not shed at all & when his coat becomes wet, it soaks water in like a sponge, taking it a bit to dry. He requires professional grooming every 2 months to have his coat trimmed & the hair in his ears  removed. As long as he goes to the groomer bi-monthly, he does not require much brushing.

F1b Pooahoula - Adolescent Age

Past Litter, Adolescent Age (6 mo.)

Meet Piper! She is a 6 mo old F1b Pooahoula that come from Hershey & Curly. Piper weighs 40lbs, but is expected to be around 50-55lbs. She loves water & to run and play. Her owner says that she is fairly active and enjoys walks & going to the dog park. She is said to love children & be very gentle. We are told she is semi protective, but very friendly. Piper lives in a neighborhood where she is friendly with everyone. She is said to be extremely social with the neighbors, other dogs & the family's other pets. Piper's coat doesn't shed, but does require a trip to the groomer every 6-8wks for a trim & ear hair removal. As long as regular groomer trips take place, her coat requires minimal brushing and at home care.



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